By supporting CASE, you send an important message to political candidates and elected officials. That message is job creation and economic growth are vitally important to employers and as such, we will support policies and candidates who will help create jobs and grow the economy.

Employers of all types and sizes—and their employees—are encouraged to support CASE. Ways to become involved include:

Financial Support

Your dollars will be well spent to support the right candidates. Examples of CASE expenditures are campaign event support, paid media, opinion research, promotional materials, and direct contributions to candidates and campaigns. A small portion of your contribution will support administrative activities. All other funds will be directed to campaign related activities and opportunities to support campaigns and issues endorsed by CASE. All donations are final.

CASE will focus on local and state races, including the Seattle City Council, King County Council and the Port of Seattle Commission as well as select referenda and initiatives. In 2012, CASE will also be involved with local races for state senators and representatives. CASE does not intend to work exclusively with other business organizations.  CASE will work in collaboration with a variety of civic and political organizations and associations to elect mutually agreeable candidates and advance issues related to job creation and economic growth.
“Economic development should be the top priority
for the region.”
- Response from employer in the real estate/construction industry in 2011 Job Sector Survey

Please note that your name, employer and the amount of your contribution will be provided to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) and local municipalities as required by local laws. In the spirit of transparency, all contributors will be listed on the CASE website. As you make your contribution, please let us know exactly how you want your name to be listed.

If you are not able to make a financial donation, please note that in-kind donations are highly valued. If you prefer to make an in-kind contribution to CASE, we encourage you to click on the "In-Kind Donations" button below to learn more.

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